The purpose of this BlogFest is to give participants some practical experience in being part of a blogging community. It will hopefully be a community in which we can learn from each other and bounce ideas off each other.

Twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) from January 4 - 22 you will be set a task. Each task will be described in a new post on this blog.

Once you have written a post on your blog that complies with the task, then you will tell us where to go to see your blog post.

Part of every task is visit the blogs of other participants and leave a comment.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Task #2: Playing with Images

How did you go on your first task?
Remember: Your blog is the beginning of a conversation.

Task #2 relates to images. There are several options to this task and you may complete them all if you wish.

First of all, find some software that allows you to play around with images. I use XnView myself, but others use IrfanView, and Picnik.

On the right you can see the image I have created for this blog - I basically used the educationau logo, surrounded it on a Word page with Word Art, and then created an image with XnView. The result is a bit discordant and I'm sure you can do better.

Your task (do as much of it as you like - but the new post is a MUST)
  • make sure you have an avatar - you may like to check these sites: BigHugeLabs, Karoobatar, and Messdudes. Sue Waters has a great post here about avatars.
  • Create a new "logo" for the BlogFest
  • Write a post which displays your avatar, the BlogFest logo, and any other images of your choosing. Tell us what software/tool you have decided to use.
  • Put a link in your post back to this Task #2 post.
  • Come back here and add your name (or that of your blog) and the URL of your post to Mr Linky below.
  • Visit the posts of others to see what they have done. Don't forget to leave a comment - think of it as a snail trail - if you don't comment most people won't know you've been there.
    Tick the "email me follow up comments box" so that you see the conversation happening. Don't be backward about going back to the post and leaving a second comment. Try to write replies to comments people make on your blog.
Task #3 will appear on Monday 11 January.

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